Run Modes

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Run Modes

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Sharp Spotter has multiple run modes that may be selected from the Run Mode Tab:






Target Practice: General untimed shooting of targets.  Experiment with various target sizes and scores.


Accuracy Mode: Shooting with a designated bulls eye and calibrated target area. Displays overall group size and distance from bulls eye on each shot.


Quick Draw Mode: Shooting against the clock. All shots are timed and an optional par time may be enforced.


Shot Commander: Create two or more targets and the shot commander will call your shots.


Shooter VS Shooter: Each queued shooter is assigned to a target. First target/shooter to accumulate the configured score wins.Missed shots are not registered. An easy way to handicap a more experienced shooter is to give them a smaller target!


Diagnostic Mode: This mode will capture sample images of the shots you take. Use to analyze grip issues, triggering technique, etc..