PC Requirements

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PC Requirements

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For best results, a reasonably fast Windows PC is required to run Sharp Spotter.

PLEASE read and understand the information presented here BEFORE installing this software.


We have tested on a variety of machines, and have found these to be the minimum criteria to run well:


Windows XP or newer
2GHz processor
2GB ram


Required Accessories:


This application requires the use of a standard USB 2.0 webcam capable of 30fps frame rate.

We did most of our testing using a Logitech C110.  This is a small webcam that can be found on Ebay or Amazon for about $10.

Please note that your typical built-in laptop webcam will most likely have an insufficient frame rate.


Laser Ammo


Sharp Spotter is designed to detect laser light pulses, so a laser training cartridge is required.  We have used Laserlyte cartridges with great success.

A dedicated training pistol may also be used.  Sharp Spotter will work with either red or green lasers.